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Hi, I am Tracey Hardaway.  I provide next step education, information, and inspiration to new beauty professionals so that they can start their careers with confidence.  I still love helping women dealing with hair loss or who just wants a little something extra by creating custom wigs, weaves, and toppers.   



Work With Me

 Online Course

As a solo “bootstrap” hair stylist and entrepreneur, I had to DIY many things. This started by creating my own business model, website, and more.  Now I teach other beauty professionals to not only pursue their dream of salon ownership but how to do so in a way that will allow them to keep more of their hard earned money for themselves.  


We Beauty Pros spend the majority of our time behind the chair. However, sometimes we need help in other areas. My workshops teach advanced hair weaving and extension techniques as well as computer skills that help you grow beyond the chair.  Yes, I can create a website for you but I also teach you how do it yourself.

Custom (Bespoke) Hair Additions

I think your hair should be as unique as your finger prints.  This is my approach to creating custom wigs, weaves, and extensions.  Let me create a custom look just for you.   



Sometimes you just need some advice.  I love sharing what God has given me by providing answers to beauty professionals who are trying to figure out their next move.   I want to help you get clear about the business of YOU and how to set the standard for your customers.