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Tracey Hardaway

Hi, I am Tracey Hardaway, creator of From Beauty School to Boss © – –  an online course that provides next steps education, information, and inspiration to help you create an independent beauty business with confidence.    

About Tracey

Since 2001

I am Tracey Hardaway (wife, mother, author, coarse creator, new dog lover (Lee) and next steps coach to aspiring beauty professionals).  Since I still love helping women dealing with hair loss, I create bespoke hair enhancements (wigs, weaves, & toppers) too.

Getting my cosmetology license was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If someone had said to me back then that one day I would take all of my lessons learned, research, successes, and failures and become a coach for aspiring beauty professionals, I would have laughed and called them crazy. Here I am, many years later, helping others–like you–pursue a bigger dream. With my from BEAUTY SCHOOL to BOSS © program – I provide concepts, principles, tools, and resources to help beauty professionals start independent businesses with confidence and how to position themselves to be a magnet for their ideal customers.  

I want to show you how to not waste time by starting your beauty career as a junior stylist/assistant – you have already earned 1500 hours of the experience needed to be your own boss.

Working as a junior stylist, assistant, for commission, or as an employee can be a trap that often causes burnout, discouragement, disappointment and worse – quitting the industry. 

Beauty School provides the foundation.  From Beauty School to Boss © provides next step education, information, and inspiration to help you create an independent beauty business with confidence straight out of beauty school.


Avoid the discounting trap

Command top $ for your services starting on day 1 of your career.

Choose Your Clients

Get found by your ideal customers.


You already have what it takes!

Know Where You are Going

Have a detailed plan for earning $100,000 or more per year.

Have Your Business Work for You

Create a healthy work - life balance to avoid burnout.

Get Your Copy of From beauty school to Boss book

Provides next step education, information, and inspiration to new beauty professionals 

Customers reviews

BS2B is an amazing ebook! I learned so much from Tracey’s story! I can’t wait to follow in her steps!

Very informative read!! I learned a lot about Tracey from a personal aspect and a from business aspect. Although I am not in the beauty business, the business pointers Tracey gave I can use in my career to improve my brand. I highly recommend!
Christy S.
Beauty School to Boss is very well written and to the point. It is relatable and inspiring beyond the hair/beauty industry
Michelle H.
Hair Stylist. It's a joy to walk into her salon because I know that when I walk out, the results will be beautiful. She is the creme de la creme of stylists.
A. Walls

Get your beauty school to school boss book

If you are thinking about quitting – DON’T put down your combs and sheers before reading this book!

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